Why Tracking Micro Habits Helps You Succeed

Businessman building staircase with wooden blocks to span a gap for partner to walk his fingers across towards promotion and progress.

By now you’ve probably heard that micro-habits will help you build lasting change in your life. But did you know that tracking micro-habits will help you to succeed that much faster?

Let’s look at how this works:

1. Tracking micro-habits helps to keep you motivated. By having a record of what you’ve been doing to make a change in your life, you can’t help but see all the areas where you have succeeded in building that change. Looking back at those changes is an incredible feeling and helps to give you that added push whenever you feel like you’re not making any progress at all.

2. You can see your progress. This reason goes with the first but takes it a little further than just motivation. Witnessing your progress shows you what you’ve already accomplished and helps you to see if you’re staying on track for your goals. This feedback helps you to hold your course, especially when you feel like you’re not doing something big enough to make a lasting difference. That visible record shows you just how far you’ve come.

3. Actions performed regularly are what become habits. By keeping track of these habits daily, you will feel obligated to perform that habit daily as well, thereby building the habit that much faster than you would if the effort was sporadic.

4. Tracking micro-habits makes you see patterns that help you build triggers that make habits work. By coupling a micro habit with another action that is already a habit, you’re more likely to succeed. Tracking shows you what else you’re doing, so you can find those triggers to couple with the micro habit in the first place. For example, if you already have the habit of brushing your teeth every day, think how much easier it is to a couple that action with the new micro habit of flossing.

By tracking your micro-habits your chance of success in making positive changes in your life will increase exponentially. You’ll also have the bonus of having built a record of the changes that you’ve successfully made in your life. A complete history of the positive changes, how they started and how you implemented them means that the next change you make will be that much more likely to succeed. You create your blueprint in your life and your future. A little leg work now will mean great strides in the future, and you’ll thank yourself for it.