Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Conflict Resolution Using Active Listening

Conflict is never easy. The sooner it can be resolved, the better. Once a heated debate begins, emotions flood the situation and create a...


Embrace What Makes You Different

It would be boring if we all looked the same. You are unique, and you are beautiful. There are others who think so, too....

How to Practice Being Bold & Assertive

If you struggle with confidence, being bold and assertive may seem as far away from your personality than the East is from the West....



3 Easy Steps to Keep from Being a Pushover

Are you someone who defaults to ‘yes’ when you would rather say no? Does everyone in the office come to you for help? Starting...





Could You Turn to Drugs or Alcohol When Stress Sets In?

One of the real dangers of too much stress in your life is the possibility of turning to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other bad...
How Can Stress Affect Me?

How Can Stress Affect Me?


Top 6 Things That Will Trigger Your Anxiety

Top 6 Things That Will Trigger Your Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are incredibly common, as are many of the things that will trigger anxiety. For most people dealing with anxiety, they find that...

How to Treat Anxiety Without Medication

Unfortunately, too many people who suffer from anxiety, are put on prescription medications that aren't doing anything to help them manage their anxiety and...

If You Suffer From Anxiety, You’ll Want to Avoid These 5 Foods

You are probably already aware that your emotions can significantly influence what you eat. However, did you also know that what you eat can...
Anxiety Quick Fix

Quick Ways to Relieve Your Anxiety

The horrible thing about anxiety is that the very feeling makes you even more anxious. It tends to create a feedback loop that can...


Key Considerations For Depression In The Ageing Populations

It is common to see depression in the elderly, and it's suggested that one in five older people might be affected by depression in...

Symptoms Of Depression: When To Get Help

Sadness, loneliness, and occasional depression are normal parts of life that can be experienced by anyone at some point in their lives. Feeling sad...



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