Why do I Procrastinate?

Why do I procrastinate image of a clock and the word later

Why do I procrastinate image of a clock and the word later

Why do I Procrastinate?

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success
  • You Don’t Like Doing It 
  • You Don’t Know How to Do It
  • Lack of Desire or Motivation
  • You Don’t Like Authority .

Why do I procrastinate? If you have accepted that you are a procrastinator, there are many reasons that you do it. You may do it for entirely different reasons than those listed, but for most people, they fall into one or more of these reasons for procrastination.

  • Fear of Failure – Many people don’t want to start something and finish it because they’re afraid they’ll do a lousy job, and they will fail. They often think if they’re not the best that they’ve failed too.
  • Fear of Success – Likewise, some people are terrified of being a success. That might seem strange, but being successful in something can cause a lot of pressure on a person. Why do I procrastinate?- could it be…
  • You Don’t Like Doing It – This is a widespread reason for avoiding things that you need to do. The idea is if you really don’t like doing it, and someone else can do it for you, stop doing it. If it’s something you still must do, do it first, get it out of the way, and stop agonising over it.
  • You Don’t Know How to Do It – Sometimes a person puts off doing something because they don’t trust that they really know how to do it correctly, so they get stuck. If you don’t know how to do something, instead of putting it off, learn how or find someone who knows to help you. Why do I procrastinate? Could it be…
  • Lack of Desire or Motivation – If you put things off due to not having desire or modification, this is just an excuse. It comes from the idea that everything you do needs to be something you’re jazzed about doing. This is where “writer’s block” comes from. For this problem, just start doing the thing for at least five minutes, and you’re likely to overcome it.
  • You Don’t Like Authority – For some people, they procrastinate because they simply don’t like anyone telling them when or what to do. Even if you’re not openly defiant, you have to ask yourself if this is one of your issues or not. If you feel resentful when given a deadline and start ignoring it right away, this might be an issue for you. The only way to overcome this is to realise that you’re only hurting yourself when you miss deadlines.

Why do I procrastinate? If you notice you’re procrastinating, missing deadlines, pull a lot of overnighters, it’s essential to figure out why you’re doing it to yourself. Once you do, you can address those issues and overcome procrastination tendencies.

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