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U-Turn-Anger Management For Young People

We provided Anger Management Programmes for 13 – 25 year olds.  Results include a reduction in anti-social behaviour and weapon- (inc. knife-) based crime, a reduced rate of re-offending and an increase in school attendance.  Many people achieved better relationships with adults and their peers and some became more community-minded and have gone on to help other people with their anger issues through a peer mentor programme.  People involved were less likely to misuse substances and reported being more satisfied with life generally.  This should lead them to become more economically productive in the future.

We started work three years ago with young people whose anger was getting in the way of what they wanted to achieve in life.  The pilot programme worked with eight young people who were currently excluded from school or were at risk of going to or had recently left a young offenders institute.

We have worked with dozens of people to help them develop new strategies for dealing with their anger and to uncover the reasons why they seem to be ‘wired’ the way they are.
Over the last three years participants have reduced any anti-social behaviour, no-one has re-offended and there has been a reduction in substance misuse. Nearly every person joined a training scheme, found employment or returned to education. There has also been an improvement in mental health, with young people in particular feeling better about themselves.

‘I feel more confident about myself and am less likely to go looking for trouble.  I don’t want to go to jail as I will miss my girlfriend and lose my ability to go where I want when I want.  I messed up at school but I want to learn to be a plumber.  I have a place at college.  I don’t do weed anymore’

Jack from Dudley- extract from case study.