Top New Apps for Tracking Your Micro Habits

Young businessman explaining plan to coworkers at desk in office

Studies have shown that tracking your micro-habits gives you the highest chance for success when trying to make a permanent positive change in your life.

If you just winced when you read that, then chances are you’ve already tried and failed when it comes to tracking micro-habits. The good news is, we live in the age of technology, so we’re not talking about pen and paper anymore, or even about some unwieldy spreadsheet on your computer. All you need is your smartphone, and an app tailored exactly to your needs.

Some of the better apps for tracking your micro-habits?

1. Productive Habit Tracker. The draw to this particular tracker is that it’s so easy to set up that you can get started in minutes to begin tracking your habits. With a clean design and easy to use interface, it’s a simple matter to create the things you want to track (like taking your medication daily) and then to see your progress throughout the week.

2. Momentum Habit Tracker. If you happen to like that Excel spreadsheet that you always used to use, then this particular app might be for you. With a lot of features that make tracking easy on your phone, the nice thing about Momentum is that you can export all your data straight into a spreadsheet. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

3. StickK. For the app that’s for the person who’s deadly serious about making changes, take a look at this app by Yale University. Designed so that you create a contract with yourself to change, the basic idea behind StickK is that you need to stay motivated to change. This change happens through either putting money down in a bet to make you change, or even inviting friends and family into your world to help keep you accountable.

4. Habitica. For a tracker that looks more like a video game than a serious method to track your micro-habits, this app is for the geeky gamer in all of us. This app turns your goals and micro-habits into tasks needed to make it to the next level. With a bright, colorful interface, this one is just fun to use, especially for those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Keep in mind that apps come and go all the time, so with a quick search for apps designed to track habits, you can find a whole slew of options at your fingertips. Take the time to experiment. Trial and error is your friend here, especially as not everyone likes the same features or interfaces. Once you find the app that you like best, put it to work. Lay in the micro-habits, and watch the magic begin to happen!