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Tips When Anger Strikes- Angry Outbursts!


There are few things more damaging that an outburst of anger (angry outbursts) – especially when directed towards our close friends or loved ones.  At work, such an angry outburst can have disastrous consequences including: the loss of our jobs, official reprimands or a large loss of personal respect.  Friends may fall out over such matters and an angry outburst (or continued outbursts) in the family home can lead to arguments, stress and ultimately family breakdowns.

save-relationshipsIt is highly recommended that after an angry incident, apologise and explain that ‘it is an out of character event’.

If feeling confident enough, it may be good to say something along the lines of ‘I have been suffering from stress lately and it must be catching up with me’.  This can be very difficult for many of us, not least because it involves us being quite intimate in our comments and sometimes we need to swallow a great deal of pride in order to do this.

Although this is the case, by doing this we can ‘extinguish the fire’ that has been created.  By letting those on the ‘receiving end’ of the anger that we have a problem can, not only act as an apology for the anger in the first place, but can also be an opportunity for getting help to deal with this anger.  This can stop a damaging situation from becoming a complete disaster and can act as a way of stopping long-term anger and thus long-term damage.

Even better; stopping the anger in mid flow –an extremely difficult thing to do- can actually be seen personally and by other people as a great personal strength and self discipline.  This will also likely create greater support from everyone in contact with us and could lead to recommendations on anger management, ways to stop the anger occurring in the first place or even refer the person to an anger management specialist.

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