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A Message from Time Management and Stress Coach Martin Hogg

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Finally, a practical Time Management System that actually works!

If you have been wanting to improve your personal productivity and time management you will undoubtedly find that there are lots of solutions out there.

I know because I tried many of them.


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  • Grow your productivity without expensive software, diaries and binders
  • Get solutions tailored to you and your job role
  • Work one-to-one or attend a Time Management Course


Picture of Martin Hogg Anger Management Counsellor

Martin Hogg- Personal Development Coach

As a life long procrastinator myself I spent years searching for a system that was right for me. I tried leather binders with wall charts and to-do lists, I had handheld gadgets that went ping and I endured seminars full of facts and figures only to find out that the answers lay in another high priced seminar that was being sold at a discount on the day.


Quick Note: If you think that stress and work/life balance is the biggest issue for you then you might be better suited to the Stress and Time Management Course we run.

Finally I actually discovered something that works – something practical and something that was able to grow with me so that over time I was able to get even better at my Time Management without spending any more money!

Whether you choose individual coaching or join me for our one-day Time Management and Personal Productivity Course we follow my programme, where you learn proven and practical time management skills that actually work and that can start using on the day.

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You learn how to master:

  • Forming the right attitude and goals
  • How to analyse and then plan your time effectively
  • How to schedule important work into your working time
  • What to do when people bug you and take you off track with their agendas
  • When to use effective delegation
  • And my biggest discovery – how to finally overcome procrastination



You get a manual with your own customised report as well as learning practical productivity and time management tools and techniques that work!

Now I need to be honest here before you make the next move. This isnot going to be easy for everyone.  Some people are too far gone – I think I was close to that place.

You really need to be sure you want to make a difference in your time and productivity management. Don’t do this course for the certificate, although it may look good next to the folder on the shelf. Do it because you want to make a difference.

If you decide this course is for you I will make this guarantee. If you implement these proven and practical principles into your life and they don’t work, I will refund your money in full.

So what are you waiting for?
We can deliver this course at our centre or on site at your organisation

If you have any questions, or are interested in training for your company or organisation please call us on 0121 314 7075 or email