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10 moments guaranteed to test your patience

10 moments that will test your patience- inside the mind of an angry Brummie by Anon

Bad manners
You’ve heard the phrase manners don’t cost a thing. It’s a certain way to ruin your day. You open the door for someone, no thank you. You get asked to pass someone something, no thank you. You’re speaking and someone cuts across you, no apology. A special place in hell is reserved for people who speak on the phone when being served by someone!

Street traffic
What’s the deal with people starting and stopping like their batteries have run out? You’re strolling along feeling pretty good about your day and bam. You slam straight into someone who has just stopped for what would appear to be no reason at all. No stepping to the side, no turning back to apologise. Inconveniencing you and then just walking away.

No spacial awareness
It’s bad enough having to ride a sometimes stinky bus in the morning. You sit down thinking, I could probably get another ten minutes sleep on the way and then someone comes along to ruin that idea. They shove in next to you; in the meantime  you notice there are loads of seats empty around you. You think, is it possible I know them? Or are they planning to talk to me? No normally they just stick around to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Being Pedantic
According to the Online English Dictionary, Pedantic means a person who is ‘overly concerned with minute details and formalisms’. To you and I however, they are just a right pain in the backside. The constant correctors, they know what you mean and what you’re trying to say. Instead of considering that and moving on they swoop in with a smug look on their face.

Angry woman looking for anger managementQueuing
We’re English. It’s not a real problem to queue. However it quickly becomes one when someone does not observe these three simple rules. Firstly we do not push in, ever. Seriously, expect lots of tutting and hushed moaning if you do! Secondly personal space must be adhered too. Kind of like cars, we need room to break and do any manoeuvres if needed. Thirdly once you have done whatever it is you needed to do, move on. Don’t dawdle.
Bad driving
There’s really no excuse for this one. Almost once a day you’ll find yourself questioning ‘how did she/he pass their driving test’. Hogging the middle lane, cutting you up, not signalling, tailgating, and the list could go on and on. My own personal favourite are people who park in the worst positions possible.
Mothers and Children
I understand that there are plenty of people whose children are very well behaved or who give their children all the attention in the world. However, there are those few who leave their children to run wild. They trip you up in shopping centres, scream endlessly for toys, and leave sticky finger marks all over anything they touch.
Shop assistants
Or should I make that sales people? The Americanised culture has started to hit Britain in the shops. They follow you around asking if you need help, suggesting this or that which would ‘really go with you outfit’. We’re British; we hate strangers talking to us.

Bad Weather
It’s sods law, the day you go on your holidays the weather turns. You’ve been stuck in work every day, staring at the people enjoying the sun out the window. Now it’s your turn you get rained on. It’s sticky and you can’t get cool. The one fan blows slowly in the corner of the room providing no relief from the humid air. It’s a breeding ground for bad moods and angry tempers.

Your alarm clock.

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