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5 tips to help prevent road rage

Anger has a habit of taking over. We don’t act as we would under the influence of anger and sometimes that can have dangerous consequences. It’s a common occurrence of a driver’s journey; people will cut you up, not signal, park badly and so on and so on. It’s annoying sure, but it’s important to […]

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Don't live life treading on eggshells

Like Christmas and all ‘holidays’ throughout the year, the level of stress seems to be higher during these so-called ‘holidays’ than at ordinary times. When you think about it though, it is really not surprising: the children are off from school, there’s shopping that needs to be done, family may be round for lunch and […]

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Anger Management Case Studies (P1)

Over the last year we have helped 323 people with Anger Management. All of the following are real life stories of how people have battled their anger and won! ndrew, 43   Andrew is a single dad to teenage son Jack. He completed our Anger Management course last year after finding that he was struggling […]

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Stop Anger, Save Relationships

As we head to our 14th Birthday I am happy to announce that we will be running more courses in more places then ever before, bringing our award winning (watch this space for details) & accredited anger management programmes closer to you. When we first launched our ‘Stop Anger, Save Relationships’ Anger Management Classes and […]

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