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Stressing Out? You're not alone- try these stress management tips

If you are getting stressed out on a daily basis you are not alone. The latest report from the Office for National Statistics shows a rising tide of stress reltated sick days despite a fall in total sick days.

It reported that 15.2 million working days were lost in 2013 due to stress, depression and anxiety. This was up from 14.4 million days in 2012 and 10.9 million days in 2010.

So what are some healthy quick stress management tips to help coping with stress.

Here’s the stress management tips for you to consider

•    Going For Walk
•    Trying Meditation, Yoga or Pilates
•    Visualisation
•    Try Breathing Exercises
•    Engage with a Fun Hobby or Sport
•    Get some quality stress free Family Time
•    Grab A Date Night or A Night Out
•    Reduce Caffeine Intake
•    Get Rid of Stressful Relationships
•    Set Positive Goals for Yourself
•    Schedule “Me” Time For Yourself
•    Read a Great Book
•    Keep a Diary, Blog or Journal
•    Work Out or take pout your stress on a Punching Bag
•    Buy a Skipping Rope
•    Watch a Comedy
•    Go Dancing
•    Get Enough Sleep
•    Eating Healthy
•    Browse Internet for Motivational Material
•    Clean The House with Lots of Your Favourite Music Playing
•    De-clutter  Your Desk
•    Talk With a Trusted Positive Close Friend
•    Relax More- try the spa or quiet space
•    Study Your Religious Book of Choice
•    Temper Your Expectations of Yourself & Others- be more realistic about the standards you judge your self and others by- ‘maybe good is good enough’

Why not try coaching or counselling to help you with your stress management. Contact Martin or Kyla to talk about the options to work with a coach or counsellor in Birmingham face to face or by telephone or secure video.



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  1. Steve Wolf says:

    Martin Hogg, agree with your point to come out from stress or reduce stress. Keep posting tips for stress management. Some time Anger management program also helps to reduce stress.