Stories of Lives Changed- How Citizen Coaching & Counselling Helps

Stories of Lives Changed- how counselling helps


Stories of Lives Changed- how counselling helps


These are just some of the stories of lives changed experienced by our therapy clients- teenagers and adults. To get a free PDF Download of our booklet VISIT HERE

We have changed the names and photos to protect their identity, but the stories are in their own words as told to our counsellors.

I hope that this little book of positive stories might help you on your counselling journey.

If we can help please contact us today for a chat to see how counselling can help you or to arrange an appointment.

Your call will be answered by a real person 7 days a week 9-5pm. Alternatively email us at [email protected]

     We also want to give a big thank you to The Key Fund, Big Lottery Community Fund and Heart of England Community Foundation for their continued support of our programmes

What we can do for you

“We’re on your side”

Citizen Coaching helps adults and young people in Birmingham swiftly access high quality, and jargon free counselling, anger management and personal development coaching to help them discover better lives and have a brighter future.

Everybody we work with gets immediate access to a trained professional and we work with 4,000 people a year and deliver 20,000 counselling and anger management sessions.

99.6% of clients say they are happy with their experience with us and 87% of people we work with say they feel a noticeable or significant change in their lives even after six months of our work together.

Our anger management programme is trusted by hundreds of professionals across the UK and we work closely with BACP (British association For Counselling and Psychotherapy) to provide professional development days and to train more counsellors each year.

Our staff and volunteers work with 53 charities, social enterprises, schools, colleges, universities, GP surgeries, family workers and other agencies to ensure local people can swiftly access our services. But don’t take our word for it; the rest of this booklet contains the stories of just a few of our recent clients.

From the central team; Martin, Nate, Judy, Ed and Katie.


Here’s the link again to get the report  VISIT HERE