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Citizen Coaching Presentation Skills Workshop

[addsomebling_closeit type=”headline” bling_pack=”bling_headlines” item=”bh_sub_hand”] Does your heart sink, your stomach go tight and your knees weaken every time somebody mentions the dreaded word PRESENTATION? More People are scared of Presenting in public than are afraid of spiders, flying and heights combined! [/addsomebling_closeit]


During this course[addsomebling_closeit type=”list” bling_pack=”bling_lists” item=”bl_tick_circled” size=”code”]

  • You will learn how to unlock your own natural style – don’t be a robot
  • You will discover how to unlock the secrets of implementing ‘My 7-Step Presentation Formula’ that could work for you every time.
  • You can work one-to-one or in a group to develop key presentation skills



Do you worry about being ‘found out’ as a lousy presenter?

Have you lost a promotion or not applied for a job because something about presenting was in the job description?

Like any fear it has grown over a period of time into a huge monster – and, there is a solution.

The big secret with presenting is that it is a learned skill, it’s just a question of when you learn it.  Some people develop the confidence and/or are encouraged at a young age to take part in school plays, choirs or activities.  Others learn the skills in adult life.  There is a solution. Slay your Presentation Fear Monster

‘My 7-Step Presentation Formula’ isn’t available anywhere else and until now I have only shared it with a few friends and colleagues because so many people were offering presentation skills training that I really decided to concentrate on delivering my core Anger and Conflict Management programmes and then . . .

I attended a conference that changed my view.  Over two days a parade of cut and paste robots got up to present.

They told the same jokes,
They followed the same kind of script,
They read from endless PowerPoint slides – Dull, dull, dull!
They were greeted by yawns and a restless crowd. Ouch!

There and then I decided to make the course available to a wider group of people a couple of times a year.

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Over the day you will discover:

  • When to use research and targeting to craft the right presentation
  • How to develop your own natural style
  • Who you need to enrol to help you deliver great presentations
  • When to use PowerPoint and when to avoid it like you would a one star hotel
  • The Whole ‘7 Step Presentation formula’



So what are you waiting for? 
We can deliver this course at your place of work in a group of up to six people (one day) or twelve people (2 days)

If you have any questions, or are interested in training for your company or organisation, please call us on 0121 314 7075 or contact Kyla@