Are their times when you wish your anxiety was under control ? Does your anxiety hold you back form the life you want to live; the right job, positive relationships or general happiness.
The Citizen approach to overcoming anxiety, is to look at the two types of anxiety; trait anxiety and state anxiety.

Trait anxiety is something that surrounds us at all times, it’s our way of being as we go about living our lives where as our state anxiety is the anxiety that we get in specific nerve wracking situations. It can even become our ‘worldview’ – where we live in an even increasing anxious state.

State anxiety is a more temporary feeling that we experience in specific situations. If we are about to deliver a presentation to an audience our state anxiety might be heightened . If we are terrified and imagine it going terribly then even the least anxious person can experience high state anxiety.

At Citizen we help people overcome low Trait or State anxiety through one to one counselling sessions, group self-anxiety sessions, activity sessions, personal development coaching and via our online courses and programmes incising online counselling and coaching.

Our counsellors can also assist with the anxiety related issues of: obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

What is anxiety?

Some anxiety is absolutely normal – we worry about our relationships going bad, how our children are getting on, how long we will keep our jobs, what will be the results of the medical tests we have just had, how we will do in the exams. This is real life. Short-term anxiety heightens our responses and reactions, helping us to deal with stressful situations. People with excessive anxiety often feel a sense of impending doom,

Is anxiety different from depression?

Excessive anxiety is all about “too much” – too much worry, too much stress, too much adrenaline. Depression is more about a persistent low mood. People with depression can also feel excessively anxious.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Shaking, sweating, sleeplessness, a churning stomach, palpitations, even panic attacks and antisocial behaviour. The anxiety might have had a real trigger but then we start feeling that we have lost control over that aspect of our lives, and our anxiety moves out of control too. We find we are living in a state of hyper-arousal which can threaten our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Other symptoms include excessive worry, restlessness and an inability to concentrate.

Is there a test to see if I have anxiety?

This GAD7 test (General Anxiety Disorder 7 Question inventory) is the one most frequently used by doctors and counsellors to measure the extent of your anxiety. It looks at your responses to

How can anxiety be treated?

Anxiety can be treated by talking therapy. Your counsellor may work with you on awareness exercises, encouraging positive self-talk, relaxation techniques and identifying meaningful activities. Your doctor may prescribe medicines to reduce your anxiety including sertraline (also used for depression) and venlafaxine. As all medicines have side effects so ask your doctor about these before decisions this option.

What can Citizen do to help with anxiety?

Citizen provides CBT and Counselling to adults and young people over 14 years of age. We have over 30 counsellors who can help. They are available for appointments 7 days a week 8am to 8pm. Simply call the office on 0121 314 7075 to find the right counsellor for you.

Those 14-25 who are registered with a GP in Birmingham and live in the area can access free counselling form Citizen in Birmingham from our Jewellery Quarter or Digbeth locations. This is due to our relationship with Living Well UK and Forward Thinking Birmingham.
Over 25’s, or those out of the area, or under 14 can get free support though their GP. If you are employed your company might have a free counselling programme via BUPA, AXA or another provider.

Who can I talk to if I feel like self-harming or acting on suicidal thoughts?
Citizen isn’t a crisis service but the following services may be able to help.

Samaritans – 116 123
CALM men’s helpline – 0800 58 58 58
Papyrus Hopeline – preventing young suicide  0800 068 41 41

You can also get help form your GP or local Crisis mental health teams at A&E

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