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Our Social Aims

Our Social Aims

“At Citizen Coaching CIC, a social enterprise, we enable adults and young people to live better lives by providing timely, affordable, jargon-free access to counselling, anger management, personal development coaching and employment skills training delivered by a friendly professional team”

Our Social Value

Many people who would most benefit from counselling and therapy interventions are reluctant to engage or are not even aware of what it is and how it works. Research from the International Centre for Clinical Excellence identified that the two main obstacles to people engaging in therapy are cost (81% of respondents) and not having faith that it might work for them (78% of respondents) (

counselling-in-birminghamAt Birmingham Counselling Services we seek to address this by providing easily accessible therapy in a city centre location with a choice of eighteen therapists, six of whom offer a completely free service to people. We have counsellors from diverse backgrounds and cultures available in six languages. We provide a six-day a week service 8am-8pm with no waiting list. The current NHS waiting list in Birmingham is over 12 weeks and many third sector providers are overwhelmed or have closed their services due to funding cuts.

Last year we provided 421 free counselling sessions and 485 lower cost sessions. 40% of clients accessing free counselling are unwaged, 45% are from BME backgrounds and 85% of free sessions were to people who had never previously been in therapy. Clients assessed using the CORE measure (an evaluation measure used by the NHS) reported a noticeable improvement in their lives in as little as six sessions. Over 90% of clients assessed using the new PSIAMS model (Pilot of the Building Health Partnerships in Dudley) reported a significant increase in their well-being.

With Compass and Directions we worked with 121 people in the Sandwell area Road-To-Recoverywho are in recovery from the cycle of drug and alcohol misuse. 7500  hours of group and individual work was completed.

Criminal Justice- 74% of participants did not reoffend – this is against a national rate of 70% who reoffended.

Citizen Coaching Anger Management, our home-grown intervention programme aimed at people who identify that their anger is leading to things not working in their lives worked with 212 people to break the cycle. 84% of save-relationshipsparticipants questioned 6 months after the programme said it had made a noticeable or significant difference in their lives.

Our work with young people in Dudley was independently evaluated using the social return on investment model (SROI) it found that for every £1 invested there was a return of £7-£13. This was due to a reduction in hospital visits, less anti social behaviour, more engagement in school and better home relationships, leading to a reduction in homelessness and crisis intervention.

Citizen Coaching CIC Grow My Practice has helped 1200 therapists set up and grow their ethical private practice, providing self employment opportunities and growing people’s confidence to use their counselling skills to improve the life of others.

innovation in third sectorCitizen Click helped 85 small businesses and third sector organisations develop an improved online presence. Citizen Click helped 45 people in the  voluntary sector deliver digital engagement training to disadvantaged communities. We employed two digital apprenticeships and 660 hours of intern opportunities to people of diverse backgrounds





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