What we do

“At Citizen Coaching CIC, a social enterprise, we enable adults and young people to live better lives by providing timely, affordable, jargon-free access to counselling, anger management, personal development coaching and employment skills training delivered by a friendly professional team”

Our Approach to Business

Martin Hogg Citizen Coaching
Martin Hogg – Citizen Coaching Founder

“Everything we do is about translating the complicated into the real world.  Services are designed from the customer perspective so that we are easy to work with. Many of our services carry a 100% ‘eat my hat’ money back guarantee – even our one-day anger management courses!  We do this because we have complete confidence in our offer.

Our Beliefs

“People are inherently good and if you treat them with respect and empathy you will always win in the long run’

Our Values

Structure, Order and Simplicity- We believe that efficient client centred systems,simple jargon free instructions and the avoidance of unnecessary complications make a better working and operating environment for clients and ourselves

Diversity- We value a diverse workforce and client base. We encourage people to express their views, give their feedback and contribute to the development of the business.

Community- We believe in creating a sense of community. We aim to add local value and seek to make the area we live and work in more pleasant to do business in. We support other local social entrepreneurs and purchase from other social enterprises where possible.

Fairness and Justice- In business we are guided by fairness and seek to set clear expectations and use jargon free agreements to avoid later confusion and misunderstanding

Continuous Improvement- We value continuous improvement, learning from our mistakes and always strive to get better at what we do. We will create and innovate new products and services.

I hope this gives you an idea of our approach to business

Our Programmes

Our programmes are whole person focused and are designed to provoke thought, introduce the concept of ‘choice’ and encourage action. We seek not to judge and tell but to understand, share what works for others and provide both choice and opportunities.

Martin Hogg

Founder and CEO

Citizen Coaching CIC