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Anger Management Case Studies (P1)

Over the last year we have helped 323 people with Anger Management. All of the following are real life stories of how people have battled their anger and won!

ndrew, 43


Andrew is a single dad to teenage son Jack. He completed our Anger Management course last year after finding that he was struggling to control Jacks progressively worsening behavior. Through the course he was not only able to learn coping strategies for managing Jacks anger, but he was also able to discover that much of Jack’s anger stemmed from his own behavior.


Andrew left the course complete with a fresh and positive outlook on his relationship with his son and useful tips on how to control his own anger when placed in a stressful situation.



Anne, 51


Anne attended our Anger Management course because she felt that her 25 year marriage was stuck in a rut and the relationship was suffering. She was struggling to explain to her husband how she was feeling and her increasing frustration was causing arguments and tension. Anne wanted to learn ways to channel her anger and resentment and to be able to communicate properly with her husband in order to get their marriage back on track.


Anne left our one-day course equipped with advice and practical methods that she could employ in order to effectively share her feelings with her husband and to enable them to move on with their life together.







Mark, 29

Mark joined our one-day Anger Management course in September.

Initially he was skeptical – how could a one day course change anything? He and his partner Julie were on the point of breaking up and he was struggling to find a way to control his unpredictable temper.  His aim was to try to find a way to understand his anger and to determine why he continued to hurt the people that he loved.


Mark left with practical coping strategies and a model that he could use in order to help him rebuild his relationship with Julie.



Kirenjit, 31


Kirenjit came to us because she was struggling to conform to the traditional values held by her husband and it was placing immense strain on their relationship. Kirenjit wanted to be able to learn how to effectively communicate with her husband in order to develop an equal relationship and to do so in a way that prevented arguments and both losing their tempers.


Kirenjit left equipped with an effective model to repair her relationship with her husband and anger management strategies to help her to assert herself and direct her anger in a healthy way. The couple have also agreed to further counseling to help them to develop a mutually respectful relationship and ensure a solid future together.



Michael, 37.


Michael attended our one-day Anger Management workshop on a recommendation from the family court. He and his ex-wife were fighting for access to their two children and he was regularly losing his temper with her, his children and his solicitor.  The court felt that he would benefit from an accredited anger management course that would challenge his aggressive behavior and identify the cause of his anger.


Upon attending the course Michael was shocked to discover just how badly his anger was affecting the people around him and particularly his children. He left that day equipped with anger management strategies that would enable him to more effectively control and channel his anger and now has a custody arrangement in place, which ensures that he is able to see his children regularly.



Names and Pictures have been changed to protect the identity of clients, but all the events are true- as told to Anger Coach Martin Hogg.


2 Responsesso far.

  1. Paul Koppel says:

    Its really good to know about this course. So many people are spoiling their relationships with this temper. Getting anger is not a big thing but controlling it is difficult. By doing meditation or some anger reducing techniques only it can achievable. So try to learn how to manage anger and live life happy.

  2. Martin Hogg says:

    Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to comment. I often see Meditation as an anger management technique working time and time again for people. A good skill to have in the anger toolkit. M