Lose Weight for Good Using These Micro-Habits


A large percentage of Americans are not happy with their weight. In fact, of the nearly 40% of individuals who are considered to be overweight according to AMA standards, nearly 2/3 of them have tried to lose weight at some point in the past year. The overwhelming problem? Most of them failed.

Why is that? The answer is simple: Most people, when confronted with a need to change, try to do it all at once. They make great big sweeping changes, hoping to see quick results, and then crash and burn when these changes don’t stick.

It’s where micro-habits succeed where huge resolutions fail.

Below is a list of quick, easy changes that will help you lose weight for good, without overwhelming you along the way:

1. Drink water. Just that. Whenever you’re hungry, reach for that glass of water first. Most of the time what you’re mistaking for hunger is dehydration. And as a bonus you if you drink water instead of soda or juice you’ll drop your consumed calories as well.

2. Watch your portions. Most people have no idea what an actual portion size is. Pay attention to your labels, and you’ll very quickly find out. For example, a serving of meat should be no bigger than a pack of playing cards. By eating the recommended serving, you’ll find yourself taking in a whole lot less than you used to – and feeling much better as a result.

3. Bring lunch from home. When you pack your lunch, you can create a healthy alternative to fast food or vending machine lunches What’s extra nice? The money you’ll save by not eating out.

4. Put that fork down! By laying down your fork between bites you eat slower and digest better. You’ll also fill up faster through eating less.

5. Quit multitasking at mealtime. Doing something else while eating is a great way not to notice how much food you’re putting into your mouth. Be in the moment. Pay attention to each bite. You’ll also wind up enjoying your meals more.

6. Snack smarter. Don’t just pack your lunch but grab something for a midday snack while you’re at it. Again, this makes that healthier choice worlds easier.

7. Sleep! Not getting enough sleep not only puts your hormones out of balance, but you wind up eating for energy to keep alert and active. Adequate rest at night solves all that.

Micro-habits are just that – changes that are small but that affect big change. While there are dozens of things you can do to change your diet, it’s the small things that will stick. By making these and other small changes in your diet, you will find that losing weight is also easier than you ever thought possible.