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Is it time for a Spring Clearout?

To many people out there it will definitely be a relief that most of winter is behind us (though thankfully this winter has not been nearly as severe as last year).  The nights are starting to become shorter with nice light evenings and while the weather is starting to get warmer.  Spring is just around the corner!

Spring is that time of year for a fresh start; a time in nature for new growth and even for we humans, a time when things often start to move at a faster pace.  It can be the time when people think about changing their job, moving house, starting those DIY projects that has been left over the winter – and of course spring cleaning.


This is how I spent last weekend. Feeling a little stressed (last week has not been the best of weeks for many reasons), I decided to do something constructive; something that I had been putting-off all through the winter – that dreaded word ‘de-clutter’.


It’s amazing how much stuff was lying round the house.  Everything from letters shoved in draws, a file box where the filing system was all but redundant, cloths all out of place in the wardrobe (some not having been touched in years), books no longer read.  The list goes on and on.  Though quite an organised person, over the winter months, things had gotten a little out of hand and it was becoming stressful – especially when something needed finding in a hurry.


On Saturday, and a large part of Sunday for that matter, the house was blitzed.  Files were reorganised, cupboards rearranged, unused books, cloths and other bric-a-brac was sorted ready to take to the charity shop and everything was generally tidied.  Everything now has its rightful place where I can put my hands straight on it, and you would not believe the amount of space gained.


Amazingly this also helped with de-stressing.  Aside from taking my mind off the awful week that had just passed; the removal of this physical clutter also helped to remove some mental baggage – removing the ever-present stress unwanted clutter can cause (often just lurking at the back of the mind).


It is often said that ‘a tidy environment leads to a tidy mind’ and this seems to be true. Though clutter and disorganisation often does not cause an all out panic (though it can if it gets out of hand); having the house in this way seems to weigh upon the mind somewhat, especially when feeling stressed about other things.  So, if feeling a little stressed and having a bit of clutter and disorganisation around the house, workplace or wherever – give the spring clean a go, it may just help.