Are their times when you wish you had more confidence? Does your confidence hold you back form the life you want to live; the right job, positive relationships or general happiness.

The Citizen approach to confidence, or self-confidence as it’s often know, is to look at the two types of confidence; trait confidence and state confidence. 

Trait Confidence is something that surrounds us at all times, it’s our way of being as we go about living our lives where as our State Confidence is the confidence that we gain or lack in specific situations.

Trait Confidence can then be seen as negative or positive. When we are in positive Trait Confidence we see ourselves as being able to cope with life and overcome its inevitable hurdles. When are in negative ‘Trait Confidece’ life is tough and we don’t feel confident.

State Confidence is a more temporary feeling that we experience in specific situations. If we are about to deliver a presentation to an audience our state confidence might be positive or negative. If we are terrified and imagine it going terribly then even the most ‘State Confident’ person can experience low state confidence. 

At Citizen we help people overcome low Trait or State confidence through one to one counselling sessions, group self-confidence sessions, activity sessions, personal development coaching and via our online courses and programmes incising online counselling and coaching.

What is self-confidence?

In a nutshell Self confidence is our ability to trust our own abilities, resources and qualities and judgement. Sometimes people will say ‘ I can’t trust myself’ ‘I could never do that’ ’Thats not for me’ 

Is self-esteem the same as self-confidence?

Self -esteem tends to be more about our inner feelings of worthiness or worth whereas self confidence is about our capacity to complete a task or self-view of our abilities. 

We normally help people with their self-esteem through counselling; looking at the past and the underlying issues and how these affect the present.

A good resource for checking out your levels of Self Esteem is a simple test from Rosenberg which you can find by clicking this link SELF ESTEEM TEST.

What are the symptoms of poor self confidence?

People with low self-confidence underestimate their abilities to overcome situations and often imagine everything going really badly. They forget their capacity to completed tasks and projects. This can often be a self-fulfilling prophecy- in other words we believe things are going to be bad, we perform a task badly and then are not surprised at the results.They could do with increasing confidence.

Is there a test to see how confident I am?

As self-confidence can be trait confidence, state confidence or a mixture of the two we haven’t found a simple test for this yet- we are working on it- in the meantime use this simple self confidence test to help you identify your current levels of self-confidence SELF CONFIDENCE TEST. Why not take the test before end after the intervention you choose to see how effective it was at increasing confidence.

How can I develop better self confidence?

The good news is that counselling, personal development coaching and online programmes can help greatly with increasing confidence. There are also a lot of good books and pother resources out that that can help too.

What can Citizen do to help with self confidence?

At Citizen we have a variety of counsellors and coaches who can help you with your self-confidence. A lot of people find our My Confidence Coach programme very helpful. Its got a 30 day guarantee with it so if it doesn’t help you increase your confidence you can get a full refund. It works particularly well when combined with online or face to face counselling or personal development coaching.

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