How Do I Build A Support System?

how to build a support system image

how to build a support system image

How Do I Build A Support System?

  1. What Are You Looking For?
  2. Attend a Support Group
  3. Foster Existing Relationships
  4. Embrace Your Interests
  5. Accept Help When it is Offered
  6. Give Support to Get Support
  7. Reflect on Past Successes
  8. Harness the Power of the Internet
  9. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away


How do I build a support system? No matter how self-reliant you are, it’s nice to know you have a support system around you. This is especially reassuring during tough times. Some of us were lucky enough to be born into a family that can provide this for us, while others have to work at it a bit. If you want to learn how to build/foster your support system, here are nine helpful tips.

  1. What Are You Looking For?

There is no point actively fostering your support system unless you know what you are looking for. What kind of roles do you need your acquaintances to play in your life? Once you figure that out, you can move on.

  1. Attend a Support Group

If you need support for a specific issue in your life, look for a related support group. Not only can you get some help with your issue, but you will also meet likeminded people.

  1. Foster Existing Relationships

Don’t get so focused on making new relationships, that you forget your old ones. Ensure you make an effort to stay connected with people who have proven to lift you when you are feeling down.

  1. Embrace Your Interests

Do you have that one interest you have been avoiding immersing yourself in? Maybe it is time to ignite that passion. Getting into a new hobby is a great way to meet people. You already have one thing in common, after all.

  1. Accept Help When it is Offered

If you lack support, don’t turn it down when it’s offered. Don’t let your pride get in the way. Accepting help can be tough, but why even work on your support system if you won’t accept the help anyways?

6. Give Support to Get Support

Support isn’t a one-way street. You can’t make everything about you all of the time, and you should give back in any relationship, after all. If you want a genuinely supportive circle of friends, make sure you are around when needed.

  1. Reflect on Past Successes

Reflect on some of your biggest wins in life. What was going right then? Who did you have in your corner cheering you on? These are the type of people you want to surround yourself with.

  1. Harness the Power of the Internet

We have no excuse for not staying (or getting) connected in this day and age. You can connect with old friends instantly on social media. You can host virtual get-togethers using your phone. You can find forums and groups for any of your interests and hobbies.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

Surrounding yourself with an excellent support system isn’t always about finding people. Sometimes it is about losing them. If you have someone in your life who is genuinely toxic, don’t be afraid to walk away.

What to do next to build a support system

Make a list of qualities that you need in your support system. What are you looking for? A shoulder to lean on in tough times? An accountability partner? Someone to be brutally honest? Only you know what you need.

Figure out which people in your life already match your needs. You have a list of qualities now, so match it up with people currently in your life. Don’t worry if you can’t match up every quality

If you have any outstanding qualities that you need in your support system, figure out how you can address them. Could a professional fill that role? Is there a support group for likeminded people? Do any of your hobbies offer an avenue to meet people?



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