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First Steps In Anger Management [VIDEO]


If you have more to lose than just your anger this short video will explain how awareness, acknowledgment and taking action for your anger can make a big difference. For more information visit the link above and visit the blog for useful articles and information.


“Whats your anger costing you? Your relationship? Your job? Or maybe access to your children? In the next few minutes, you’re gonna find out about the very first steps you can take in anger management.

Citizen Coaching is based in the Custard Factory in Birmingham, where we deliver this unique programme.

At Citizen Anger Management we have a proven, practical programme thats highly effective in helping you with your anger management. This can be delivered one-to-one, as a group or online.

Boiling Point, a report by the Mental Health Foundation in 2008, showed that 1 in 4 people were concerned about the way their anger made them feel at some point in their lives. 1 in 3 people say they have got a close friend or family member who has difficulty controlling their anger and 1 in 5 say they have ended a relationship or friendship because of how the other person behaved when they were angry. This makes anger a very common issue.

It’s difficult to admit that you have an anger management problem, and, it’s even harder to take action when you actually acknowledge it. In the Mental Health Foundation report, 58% of people said they wouldn’t even know where to start in actually being able to find support for anger management and 13% of people who did actually look for help, couldn’t find it when they needed it most.

Most people tended to approach their local doctor or a local voluntary organisation often with very little success, because most support isn’t available until anger reaches a really critical level and they have to access it through a prison or through the probation service.

Citizen Anger Management aims to help those who acknowledge they have an anger problem access fast and effective support when they need it most.

At Citizen Anger Management you get the benefit of all the experience of people who have been on our courses over the last 10 years. Our past participants share their tips and techniques that worked for them and we’re constantly updating the course materials to make sure that they’re ever more relevant in todays climate whilst not straying from our sound principals of practical anger management.

In a world of dull Powerpoint lectures and fake experts, we’ve come up with a no nonsense, no psycho-babble, practical approach that really works.

We have a feedback score of 93% satisfaction from people who’ve completed the course and its effective even six months after the course with 89% of people saying the course made a big difference to their lives.
Whether you’re looking for one-to-one anger management, or to work in a group, Citizen Anger Management has the right anger solution for you. You can even work online within five minutes of signing up or order our CD or DVD programme.

For more information, call the number below on your screen or send us a message and we’ll get back to you straight away. Or, if you want to access our online programme and get started within the next few minutes, theres a link for that below this video.