Embrace What Makes You Different

Embrace What Makes You Different
Embrace What Makes You Different

It would be boring if we all looked the same. You are unique, and you are beautiful. There are others who think so, too. We don’t all have to fit the mold of what media tells us beauty is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I were to ask you to define beauty and line your thoughts against mine, we may find that we see beauty in different things. That’s how it is supposed to be. It is supposed to be about unique preferences, which have nothing to do with common standards.

What you love, how you look, and the ways you express yourself are unique. They are a culmination of your experiences, your preferences, and your style. Being comfortable in your own skin and embracing what makes you different is an important aspect of having confidence.

Here’s why:

Friendships- People who are confident with their unique style and preferences are easier to be around. They aren’t insecure when someone doesn’t like what they like or agree with their standards.

Emotional stability- Confident people who express their beauty in their own way are more likely to have a solid sense of self and healthy ego.

Self-expression- Confident people have unique differences and acts of self-expression. You will see this in the use of jewelry, tattoos, clothing, and other outward expressions. They tend to have a style that is a solid match to their personality. Their homes, cars, and other elements of their lives feel cohesive with their personality.

Trailblazing- Confident people who value individuality are often trailblazers. They are risk takers and willing to try new things. They have fulfilling relationships and experiences with a wide range of people groups.

If you are a parent or have influence over someone who is developing their identity, it is vital that you support their unique and possibly evolving tastes and forms of expression. Feeling comfortable and self-confident begins with the approval from parents, family, and first-degree community. Reinforcing unique style and embracing diversity is an important character trait to foster in a child. You can do this by following these tips:

1. Resist placing your standards of beauty and style onto your child. If they happen to love what you do, that is great! If they have different taste or preferences, find a way to support their choices while maintaining your own ideals.

2. Encourage healthy self-expression. Whether it’s piercings, a style or genre of clothing, dyed hair, a love of shoes, or any other expression, encourage your child to experiment. Keep healthy parameters and a clear boundary so everyone is on the same page about any limits you may have.

3. Allow for change. Be careful not to generalize or cement what your child may be expressing or exploring. Chances are they will change and morph over time. They may be Goth for a minute and end up being a Preppy. Give the child an opportunity to try out styles and change without feeling judged or pigeon holed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is vital to express your sense of beauty in your unique way. It is equally vital to allow for others to express theirs. The diversity is part of what makes communities colorful and well rounded.

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