Detoxify Your Social Media to Boost Confidence

Detoxify Your Social Media to Boost Confidence
Detoxify Your Social Media to Boost Confidence

We are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with. We are also the sum of the five foods we eat most often, the five books we’ve last read, and the five ways we recreate.

Expand this to the five ways we engage and interact with social media. Are you a Facebooker, Instagrammer, Snap Chatter, Marco Polo fanimal, and Pinterest junkie? How you operate in the social media world and what you post, share, look at, and comment on directly impacts your mood, your confidence, and your impact on the world.

If I were to take a look at your social media, what would I see? Would I see a barrage of negativity and snarky posts ranging from political drama to family feuds? You may be surprised to read that many, many people have very toxic social media lives. One look at any profile confirms that people are being overloaded and over burdened by the very thing that is designed to be a positive platform in their lives.

Here are some examples of toxic social media-

? Exploitive content
? Angry or passive aggressive posts – AKA Facebaiting
? Targeted ads
? Political extremism
? Comment Trolls
? Sexually illicit and derogatory content
? And more!

Social media that contains these and other negative images, conversations, and rants is detrimental to your health and confidence. When your social media is filled with negativity, chaos, off color humor, and too much sarcasm, even the positive things you see are void because of the exposure to so much poor content.

The antidote to no-good social media is to clean house. There are a few ways you can make changes and improve the quality of your social media experience. Take some time to make these changes and you will likely see a shift in your mood and perspective on life.

Block-Delete- Block and delete people who aren’t worthy of being in your sphere. You can easily remove someone who is baiting you or engaging in ways that don’t promote your best self.

Hide people- Sometimes you have to keep someone in your world because… family. In these cases, you can usually hide them, so you see less of them but still stay connected. It is a safety net to preserve your connection with them while safeguarding yourself from their toxicity. If you’re like me, seeing a snake picture is anxiety-producing. You can hide a post or a pic and protect yourself from being exposed to the imagery.

Opt-out- Emails (though they aren’t social media, they count), targeted ads, and other unsolicited bright and shiny intrusions can often be distracting. You can opt-out from receiving anything else or seeing the ad again.

Make your settings private- Most social media platforms have security settings that allow your content and accounts to be private.

Police yourself- Pay attention to what you are posting and sharing. Each time you post, you open yourself up for banter that may not be your intent. Be neutral with the things you post and share your strong opinions and snarky thoughts in smaller circles.

Delete irrelevant material- Times change and so do we. If you’ve got regrettable material on your social media, get in there and clean house so you can reduce the likelihood that you will have drama.

Your social media is like your home, be careful who and what you let inside, as it could be hard to get rid of. Clean up your social media and connect with people who are confident, engaging in positive conversations and imagery. Increase your mood and confidence by only engaging with people who bring positive things to your social media table.

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