Department of Health

Department of health


We provide specialist counselling to enable people to engage with inquiries and reviews where confidentiality and discretion are an integral part of the process. Giving evidence or sharing knowledge with an inquiry can be a troubling, uncertain or traumatic process. 

What did the project involve?

As you would imagine with most of this work we do its completely confidential.

We have worked recently on The Patterson Inquiry and the IMMDS (Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety) Review.

Who was involved?

Our team of specially trained inquiry counsellors provide timely professional support to enables everyone involved with inquiries and reviews to have a space to get support, reflect on their work or testimony and keep safe.

What services were provided?

Pre-event support can help those who would like to give evidence but need some time to unravel their thoughts. Counselling support during an inquiry supports witnesses and patients be able to tell their story. Post-event support helps people reflect on their thoughts. 

We can also provide staff support and supervision to help team members deal with the things they hear. 

What were the outcomes?

We have provided support to over 400 people involved in inquiries and reviews, enabling them to share their stories, give their evidence and keep safe afterwards.

How could the this project be applied to me or my organisation?

Our counselling service helps people access support when they need it most. We are used to working in confidential or discreet circumstances.