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Counselling for Victims of Crime

Counselling for Victims of Crime




This resulted in a project total of 121 clients against the original project plan of 100 clients

All the clients we saw were unable to access counselling support elsewhere.

491 sessions in the lifetime of the project.

Clients engaged well with the sessions and we used the WEMWBS (Warwickshire and Edinburgh

Mental Well-Being Scale) to measure client well-being.

All clients who exited the service to date reported that the experience was positive.



Clients have reported increased confidence, feeling more able to socialise with others and feeling more optimistic about the future. increased resilience and better confidence enabling them to reconnect with their friends and engage in meaningful activities.

Participants reported feeling more optimistic about the future



8 clients in addition to the 6 in Q1 felt the service had enabled them to retain their jobs and a further 5 clients to the 3 in Q1 who were economically inactive felt able to engage with volunteering

Participants reported a more positive view of statutory agencies and said they would be less sceptical of those offering help in the future.


This work was funded by West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Victims Fund.West Midlands police and crime commissioner logo citizen coaching