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Coping with Rage. Anger Management Tips

Welcome to the second part of anger tips and techniques. This week we focus on rage. Rage is an extreme type of Anger noted for its ferocity and speed of reaction.


If you want to manage your anger, then suffering from rage is often the hardest of all to understand. The ferocity of rage scares other people and the speed with which it often appears means that traditional techniques such as counting to ten or squeezing a stress ball will not suffice, a rage that can ‘rip off heads’ will not be tamed by such mild interventions.

Your best bet with rage is to identify the environments and situations that are most likely to trigger it. It is much easier to pre-empt your rage and take actions to avoid the situations than deal with the aftermath of the explosion.

Your starting point?

Highlight the last few situations that you got into a rage and see what they have in common- was it in a pub after consuming alcohol, was it when somebody looked at your girlfriend, was it when somebody said a hurtful thing.

How could you have stopped the situation prior to the point where you rage was triggered?

Will it mean drinking less, or changing what you drink?

Could it mean changing the venues you drink in or the people you drink with?

Could it be that certain people are more likely to be a positive and negative influence?

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  1. Paula says:

    Am I allowed to use your picture above of the man looking very angry? I would like to do an article on breath and breathing

  2. Martin Hogg says:

    Hi Paula- I don’t own copyright to this image so can’t give permissions. I suggest looking at images of angry people on Getty Images which is where it’s from, I think. Martin