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Compass- Drug Rehabilitation Requirement Alternatives to Jail

Compass is run in association with Summit House Support for Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Service.
The Compass and Citizen team work closely with probation officers and local offenders to deliver this original and groundbreaking programme.

Compass spans 12 weeks and helps those offenders on a DRR (drug rehabilitation requirement) probation order.
The programme is designed to get attendees to consider that life might be different in the future. The Compass programme uses a series of one to one and group exercises to enable participants to discover alternative thinking patterns and understand local options for treatment and support.

After an initial trial in 2011, the programme was fully commissioned for 2012-13
Attendance high
Reoffending low

In October 2012 Martin, Tom and the Compass team received a Commendation from Senior Probation Officer Ian Gould for the quality and consistency of the work and the great outcome sit was achieveing.