As a community interest company ourselves we know how important it is to engage, develop, listen and feedback to our community. These current projects showcase the variety of our work and demonstrate what we can do.

In Dudley we created a Community Based Anger Management programme that directly engaged with young people in the crime hotspots of the borough, closely working with local agencies to provide a coherent and effective strategy for reducing anti-social behaviour and violence. Nate Sheridan and Katie Hitchinson have worked closely from our Dudley base at DY1 Community Centre to develop relationships with over 30 local stakeholders.

In Birmingham we are one of over twenty partners creating opportunities for local people through the USE-IT project. We are working closely with project leaders I-SE together with Co-operative Futures, Birmingham Chambers and Smethwick CAN to support the development of a Social Entrepreneurs Network. The programme is creating thriving marketplaces, social finance opportunities, business growth opportunities and vital support to new-start ventures. Under the leadership of Sarah Crawley from I-SE working with Social Enterprise UK, Birmingham was awarded Social Enterprise City status in 2018.