Citizen Coaching & Counselling- Services running as normal via online and telephone


Citizen Coaching & Counselling- Services running as normal, but online and by telephone

Hi there, it’s Martin from Citizen Coaching here and this is just a just a quick message because we have had a couple of queries over the weekend and the end of last week just to confirm everybody’s safe all of our counsellors: And you know, there’s over 50 of them. Everybody’s working virtually so counsellors are working by telephone and online with sessions scheduled as usual For Young People (16-25) in Birmingham our Counseling service with Forward Thinking Birmingham Living Well Consortium and the Adult Services are still going.

The Anger Management The online program is free. Just go to our website and you can get hold of us as ever on.

On 0121 314 7075 or email [email protected]. It would be lovely to see how you’re all doing. Check in and let me know how you’re getting through all this, as well as being lovely to hear from you. Thanks a lot.

Thanks to our friends at Key Fund and Michelle and Bennie at Zellig for their support.