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10 moments guaranteed to test your patience

10 moments that will test your patience- inside the mind of an angry Brummie by Anon Bad manners You’ve heard the phrase manners don’t cost a thing. It’s a certain way to ruin your day. You open the door for someone, no thank you. You get asked to pass someone something, no thank you. You’re […]

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5 Things customers do that make retail staff mad

5 Things customers do that make retail staff mad Wind us up and make us mad by leaving the place in a mess Sure, places with table service, you’re not expected to clear up after yourself. As a customer however, picking something up and then deciding you don’t want it does not mean you should […]

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Communication: Feeling like a mushroom?

If you have a boss that keeps you in the dark and feeds you manure (polite version) then they might need communication skills training at work. I first came across a version of the mushroom saying nearly 20 years ago but it’s as true today as it was back then. Too many organisations are missing […]

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Coping with Rage. Anger Management Tips

Welcome to the second part of anger tips and techniques. This week we focus on rage. Rage is an extreme type of Anger noted for its ferocity and speed of reaction. If you want to manage your anger, then suffering from rage is often the hardest of all to understand. The ferocity of rage scares […]

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Don't live life treading on eggshells

Like Christmas and all ‘holidays’ throughout the year, the level of stress seems to be higher during these so-called ‘holidays’ than at ordinary times. When you think about it though, it is really not surprising: the children are off from school, there’s shopping that needs to be done, family may be round for lunch and […]

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Is it time for a Spring Clearout?

To many people out there it will definitely be a relief that most of winter is behind us (though thankfully this winter has not been nearly as severe as last year).  The nights are starting to become shorter with nice light evenings and while the weather is starting to get warmer.  Spring is just around […]

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Stop Anger, Save Relationships

As we head to our 14th Birthday I am happy to announce that we will be running more courses in more places then ever before, bringing our award winning (watch this space for details) & accredited anger management programmes closer to you. When we first launched our ‘Stop Anger, Save Relationships’ Anger Management Classes and […]

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Happiness Survey: Who won?

The results have now been published for the government’s new Happiness And Wellbeing Survey.  In terms of age, both the youngest and older retired people in our society seem to be the happiest – as may be expected. In terms of geographic location, a strong pattern emerged across the country, with more rural areas having […]

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The Benefits of Volunteering

Our first volunteer, and resident blogger, James Carless shares his thoughts on the benefits of volunteering and the role of volunteer sin the current economic climate Without going into too much detail, we all know the problems with the economy at the moment – not only in this country but also internationally.  We also know […]

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