Can Healthy Ways Improve Your Confidence?

Can Healthy Ways Improve Your Confidence?
Can Healthy Ways Improve Your Confidence?

There are undeniable health benefits that come from clean eating and meaningful exercise, but did you know eating right and moving will improve your confidence? More than improving your physical health, a good diet and healthy movement improve your self-image. The changes that occur inside and out have a domino effect that spills over from looking better in clothing, having more stamina and agility, to enhanced self-esteem and confidence.

Here’s why:

People notice- The rule of thumb is 10 pounds lighter, you notice. 20 pounds lighter, everyone notices. As you lose, people notice the effort and the results you are achieving. Everyone is inspired by someone who is winning the battle with their weight and their health – some are even trying to gain weight. No matter your weight and health goals, people noticing your efforts is validation that eating right and moving well is a positive choice.

Your hormones change- Working out releases dopamine into your bloodstream. This is the naturally occurring feel-good hormones that reduce and prevent depression and elevate mood. Feeling better in your body is the main step towards confidence.

You sleep better- Eating right reduces many common issues like acid reflux and internal issues like irritable bowels and other nasty things. Having a healthy body fat index reduces the pressure on organs and helps our bodies function optimally night and day. Exercising regularly impacts sleep in a wonderful way. From the exhaustion it causes making you ready for bed to the way your body works in a more efficient manner with all of its chemicals and hormones working at their best, sleep is better – life is better. This lack of exhaustion gives stamina and endurance that translates to getting more done and being more confident.

You know you’re being responsible- There is pride born from making better choices and knowing deep down you deserve what you have – a great physique and highly functioning body. Knowing you are being responsible gives you the credit for your efforts which increases confidence. This confidence translates to other areas of life. How you do one thing is how you do all things. If you are conscientious and attentive to what you eat and how you move, then you are likely going to be conscientious and attentive to how you do other things.

Eat right and get moving, and your confidence is going to be an unexpected bonus while you achieve your ideal weight and health. Use your new confidence to make an impact in other areas of life and watch your whole life improve for the better.