Our relationships with family, friends, partner and those around us can bring us great joy in our life or alternatively enormous grief and trouble. Understanding the part we play in relationships can help us get more from them. People often just see the world differently; two people can look at the same news story, incident in the street or situation close to them and make two completely different interpretations about them. 

Conflict can often arrises from misunderstandings with each party being right but no seeing the others persons point of view. 

Working with a counsellor as an individual can improve your own awareness about relationships and the way they affect you. We can also provide family counselling and couples counselling too. We work with children as young as 4 right up through the ages. Maintaining good relationships in older age can lead to feeling healthier and better supported. It has even been suggested that good relationships prolong life. 

How do conflicts and misunderstandings develop?

To demonstrate this, study the picture below. 

How old, roughly, would you say the the woman in the picture is?

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