If you have experienced stress in the last year you might have something in common with up to three quarters of the UK population. This recent survey by the Mental Health Foundation in the UK in 2018 found that 74% of people had felt so stressed that they had been overwhelmed or unable to cope. People cited everything from being in a caring role to debt and even the pressure to reposed to messages as being contributing factors. In those 18-24 years old, comparing themselves to others was cited as a factor by 49% of those surveyed. 

ACAS reports that the nearly 40% of work related illness is due to stress. The good new is that counselling, coaching and online programme can help with managing stress.

The team at Citizen Counselling can provide one to one support in person for managing stress, from our Counselling Centres in central Birmingham and Jewellery Quarter or via secure phone or video  link. We use a secure web based service similar and as easy to use as Skype but with additional security and encryption features.

What is stress?

Stress is our body’s response to the pressure from a situation or event. This triggers a fight or flight response.

A little bit of stress can motivate us to meet a deadline or even be a force for positive change but too much stress can even be debilitating or even dangerous to life. 

What are the symptoms of stress?

Common symptoms reported included tiredness, headaches, stomach upsets, change in appetite and digestive issues, sleep problems, a change in sex drive, tense muscles and general feelings of overwhelm and a lack of motivation.

Is there a test to see if I have stress?

Your doctor might use the GAD7 test the general anxiety disorder test. Checking the symptoms above can be a good indicator. It might be worth going to see your GP if you are experiencing these.

How can stress be treated?

Counselling and Coaching can be useful in treating stress, giving you the time to reflect on what’s going on for you and how you are tackling the issues. Some people find Mindfulness or other relaxation exercises useful. Most holistic programmes suggest combining talking theories like counselling and coaching with physical exercise, taking up new hobbies and interests (or restarting those that may have lapsed) and spending time with positive friends and family members having fun.

What can Citizen do to help with stress?

At Citizen we have a variety of counsellors and coaches who can help you with stress. 

A lot of people find our My Stress Coach programme very helpful. Its got a 30 day guarantee with it so if it doesn’t help you better manage your stress you can get a full refund. It works particularly well when combined with online or face to face counselling or personal development coaching.

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