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Bad Time Management? Tearing your hair out?


Do you constantly spend your day trying to find things you put down just minutes ago? Believe me this was my day, every day…

I’ll never forget those days. It was like being caught in a complete tailspin of time management hell.
I began to believe in the child’s story ‘The Borrowers’ almost convinced that a team of small people were hiding my things and misplacing my paperwork.

I decided that enough was enough and set about trying to find a good and effective time management system.
After wasting thousands of pounds on mini gizmos and gadgets that ping and leather bound so-called time management tomes that broke my back just carrying them, I admitted to myself that I was the problem.


I began to face up to the things that I needed:

· I needed to design a structure that I could live with,
· I needed to find a routine that worked for me,
· Most importantly, I needed to commit to myself to make the above happen.




Well, needless to say I am still learning, but now I share my time management discoveries with others so you too can get on the journey to a more productive and satisfying life.
Let me know if you are interested in finding out more by calling me on 0800 021 7613 or e-mailing through the contact form link at the top of the page.

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