Anger Management with Martin Hogg IAPT


This service is for you if you live in Birmingham with a Birmingham GP and have already been referred to us.

For other enquiries? Please email [email protected]

Anger Management with Martin Hogg

(NHS Version)

Hi, I am Martin Hogg, a Coach and Registered Counsellor at Citizen Coaching and Counselling.

Martin Hogg citizen coaching and cousnelling

You have been referred, or made a referral yourself, for some help and support for your anger.

I have put together this special online programme for you so that you can get started right away. It’s fully funded by the NHS for you.

When you have been through the programme you can choose to meet together in person or via Zoom/ telephone. 




Here’s more information if you would like to know more

What is Your Anger Costing You?

Your relationships?

Your job, opportunities and money?

Access to your family?

In these challenging times; having patience, staying calm and being measured are going to be important. Misunderstandings will happen and some conflict could be inevitable for some. By making access to the online version of My Anger Coach FREE we hope top help thousands of people be less angry, less often.

In This Online Anger Management Course You Will Discover;

  • Understanding the mechanism that can take you from reasonable to unreasonable
  • How to keep your cool in sticky situations
  • Why we sometimes get obsessive and controlling and what to do about it
  • How to short-circuit your short fuse
  • What to do when you feel things could ‘kick-off’ at work or home
  • Why little things often grow into big angry things
  • The impact of stress on your anger
  • Dealing with situations in a positive way
  • How to turn your Anger into positive energy

The ‘My Anger Coach’ Online Anger Management Online System

Our 6-hour online anger management programme covers all the powerful elements from our live courses in easily digestible modules. The programme combines engaging video content, downloadable audio and optional written exercises. Watch or Download the video/audio files on your iphone or android to take your programme ‘on the move’ or on your tablet or desktop.

CAUTION: This programme is not for everyone. It will only work if you feel ready to implement what you learn in the course and accept those changes in your life.

What people say about our anger management online course and anger management programmes.

I immediately went home and started rebuilding my life” MT Erdington, Birmingham.   “I didn’t know quite what to expect but was relieved to find no group hugs, no wishy-washy stuff, no lecturing and no judgement” ‘T’, Birmingham.

“I admit I was a bit sceptical at first, how could a six hour course change anything…but I found lots of useful things”

“I’ve helped hundreds of people with anger management and I want to help you too. I’ve realised that taking those first steps in getting anger management help is the hardest thing to do.” Martin Hogg