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Anger Management Strategies


BullDoes your Anger limit your opportunities in life and get in the way of what you really want to achieve? 

 The quick guide below gives Ten Tips and suggestions to help you get your anger management back in line.

1. Recognise the triggers that really get you going. Who do you know who deliberately tries to trigger your anger? And where does it happen? Breaking free from this reactionary anger can be liberating. Give yourself permission to walk away before it gets out of hand and backing down might get tough to do.

2. Anger can be like a Volcano- there are signs of build up. Be aware of the body sensations that indicate that your anger is starting to build. Typically this can be a feeling of getting hot, maybe shaking, a tightening of the neck and shoulders and tensing of the face.

3. Make physical activity part of your weekly routine. Pick an activity that you can set goals with. This might be running, cycling or yoga.

4. If all this has failed and you feel yourself getting drawn into conflict then take a deep breath and a step back rather than ‘wade in’ and start fighting. Imagine your Nan or a person you care for watching you, how would they feel if they could see you now? Take a time out.

5. When there is nothing to live for there is nothing to lose.  Set goals to get back what you may have lost.

6. If you make the decision to start an anger free life then choose your friends and the places that you go wisely. Who in your life will support you in your decision?

7. Remember everyone is not looking at you!

8. Remember anger is so powerful it will trump the other emotions. Experience laughter, smiling and crying.

9. Take responsibility for your anger. Others can’t make you angry- YOU make you angry.

10. If you have a reputation for being angry, people will be watching you during the change.


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