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Anger Management Tips: In the picture?

RubinsFacesVaseIs it a candlestick or is it two faces? Often what we see is not what is really there, and this is an important thing to learn when dealing with your anger.

Whether you see just the candlestick or you just see the faces, you are both wrong and right- so don’t feel your anger.

Of course you can see both, you just need to let go of one to see the other and then you get to see both.

It’s a bit like life. Have you ever wondered why some people see the world through rose tinted spectacles yet others see the world through a lens of disasters? Who is wrong and who is right? The answer is both and neither!

We all have a lens with which we view the world, this lens colours the way we see everything and is made based on what we have read, seen, heard and experienced during our life and observing the lives of others.

If our lens is suspicious of young people wearing hooded tops ‘hoodies’ then when we hear a negative story about ‘hoodies’ we remind ourselves that we are right in our opinion of them. When we do this we see the candlestick but not the faces.

Eventually our lens only sees candlesticks.


So, the link with anger management?

Well, if our lens tells us that we are angry and that the world is hostile towards us, then guess what, that’s what we will see whether it is there or not!

If we have a reputation for anger, others will not be surprised when we live up to it, because it fits their lens about us.

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