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Anger Management DVD Home Study Kit

Anger Management DVD Home Study Kit NOW AVAILABLE!

Anger Management DVD Home Study picture of the booklet, dvd and cdSTOP Anger, SAVE Your Relationships with our Anger Management DVD for home study that includes a dvd, cd and printed booklet

Do you ever ask?

Why Do I Keep Hurting The People I love The Most? Why Do I Get So Angry?  or How Can I Control My Anger?



What is your Anger Costing You?

  • Your relationships?
  • Your job, opportunities and money?
  • Access to your family?

Do you say or do things you later regret? It doesn’t have to be this way. Our Complete Anger Management System will show you our whole three stage system to managing your anger.

In the dvd, booklet and cd you will discover:
  • Understanding the mechanism that can take you from reasonable to unreasonable
  • How to keep your cool in sticky situations
  • Why we sometimes get obsessive and controlling and what to do about it
  • How to short-circuit your short fuse
  • What to do when you feel things could ‘kick-off’ at work or home
  • Why little things often grow into big angry things
  • The impact of stress on your anger
  • Dealing with situations in a positive way
  • How to turn your Anger into a positive energy

This isn’t just an anger management home study handbook . . . You also get a DVD full of useful videos giving tips and hints based on real true life stories. Plus You get a CD to play at home or in the car (or download to your I-Pod or MP3 player) with a whole hour of real world practical and proven ways to deal with anger

CAUTION: This programme is not for everyone. It will only work if you feel ready to accept change in your life

'I went home and started rebuilding my life'

‘I went home and started rebuilding my life’

Client Voices on our anger management programme

“I immediately went home and started rebuilding my life” MT Erdington, Birmingham.

“I didn’t know quite what to expect but was relieved to find no group hugs, no wishy-washy stuff, no lecturing and no judgement” ‘T’, Birmingham.

'I admit i was a little skeptical at first'

‘I admit i was a little skeptical at first’


“I admit I was a bit sceptical at first, how could a six hour course change anything…but I found lots of useful things”

Just after the online version for £27- click here for Anger Management Course Online

OR Anger Management Course LIVE

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  1. Caron says:


    I ordered the online and home package course just 2 days ago as I live right up in the North of Scotland and after having a major bust up with my husband of 27 years just over a week ago and him walking out I realisedI needed to do something right now if I was to safeguard this relationship. I couldn’t find anything locally so opted for the online and DVD home package and booklet. I decided to start the course immediately online and have just completed it in 2 days. Already I feel as if I have a much greater understanding of why my anger has suddenly got out of hand and I know I can take steps to rectify this and it has given me hope. My husband was so impressed that I started to do the course that he came home this morning and is willing to work on this with me. So thank you for already helping me make a positive impact on how I react to perceived threats. I had felt I was losing all control in my life after having recently lost my sight suddenly and of course my job too and freedom. I’ve spent a lifetime working as a Mental Health Nurse and somehow I didn’t see what was going wrong – I needed someone to help me see the wood from the trees and you did this with the online course. I look forward to receiving the booklet and DVD so that I can cotinue to go through the course whenver and wherever I have some private space. I thin you have just helped me get back a marriage – what a fantastic Christmas gift for 2017!! Thank you so much.