5 Ways to Strengthen Your Emotional Health

image indicating 5 ways to strengthen your emotional health citizen coaching and counselling Birmingham
5 ways to strengthen your emotional health
image indicating 5 ways to strengthen your emotional health citizen coaching and counselling Birmingham
5 ways to strengthen your emotional health

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Emotional Health

Emotional health can be defined as a state of wellbeing that permits individuals the ability to function in society and meet the demands of daily life. Emotional health is an extension of our mental health and comprises the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that make up our inner and outer world (Peterson, 2019).

Our emotional health is vital to our overall well-being. If it is lacking, then we will see a decline in other areas such as our mental and physical health. Thus, we must prioritise our emotional health by taking active steps to strengthen it.

  1. Self-Awareness – Understanding what you feel and why you feel the way you feel is key to strengthening your emotional health. Self-awareness allows us to better process and manage our emotions. The more we know what we feel, the better we can control our emotions. That means we can navigate through negative emotions such as anger and sadness and transition to calmness through purposeful action and thought (Hendel, 2020).
  2. Find Balance – No one can do everything all the time. It is essential to find a way to balance the demands of work, family, hobbies, and other responsibilities you might have. Creating this balance allows you to create space to handle various responsibilities while still making crucial time for yourself to recharge and reset mentally and emotionally (Peterson, 2019).
  3. Self-Care – The World Health Organization defines self-care as the ability of individuals to promote and maintain health, including physical health, mental health, and emotional health (World Health Organization, 2020). Self-care includes activities such as exercise, eating a balanced diet and getting adequate amounts of rest, which all help you maintain health. These practices should be implemented into daily life to stay emotionally healthy, rather than waiting for a decline in emotional wellbeing to start (Cassata, 2019).
  4. Have a Support Network – There should be no shame in seeking additional support if needed. Some situations and circumstances stretch us to our limit and sometimes require us to get assistance from our family, friends, or a professional. Seeking and relying on support can help you better process emotions, develop coping strategies, and set goals. These measures work to support emotional help which prevents breakdowns (Fontana, 2018).
  5. Set Boundaries – Boundaries are important to keep from overexerting yourself and makes clear to people around you what you are willing to do. While perhaps a little uncomfortable initially, setting boundaries goes a long way to keep your emotional health intact.

These are just a few of the many steps that can be taken to strengthen emotional health. Whether you choose to implement these actions, pursue others, or blend a combination of the two the main objective should be to prioritize your emotional health.

A healthy emotional state allows the mind and body to function at a more optimal level, ensuring all systems work together harmoniously for your overall wellness.

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