5 Ways To Reduce Loneliness When Working from Home

5 ways to overcome loneliness in home working woman working from home

5 Ways To Reduce Loneliness When Working from Home

While working from home has a lot of upsides, it also has a few challenges. One is social isolation and loneliness, particularly if you are reading this during the Coronavirus lockdown. Here are 5 Ways To Reduce Loneliness When Working from Home and be more effective in your working.

Get Out for that ‘Once a Day’ Physical Activity

The key is to treat working from home as really more of a figure of speech rather than a literal description of where you are going to work. Even during the Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown you can still go out for a walk, cycle or run. When you have the freedom to work at home, you can normally work from anywhere: Why not try that café in town? This way you will at least get to chat to the staff that work there and maybe some other people sitting in. This way working for yourself or from home becomes a much more desirable, and at the same time you’ll be likely to encounter more people and even possible networking opportunities.

For those that can’t leave the house, working in the garden is an option. You might even be lucky enough to have a summer house or converted shed. Work n the front garden, you’ll be able to tip your cap to people as they walk by- but be sure to keep two meters apart!

Meet Up with Others Online

You can also make blogging, writing, or even entering data more sociable by using the opportunity to meet up with people you don’t normally see. For instance, you can meet your friends for lunch on their lunch break online, or you can meet them after work online if they finish early. You’ve got the time, and you can even do things like design work while you chat. In fact, this will be a lot more sociable than most people are in the office normally. Apart from anything else you’ll be chatting to people who are actually your real friends rather than just colleagues.

Post Coronavirus lockdown you can put in a lunch date for real!

Why not Join an online fitness programme on your lunch-break- they are springing up everywhere.

Networking and Linkedin

Networking and interacting with others in your industry is very good for your career and a great way to promote your business and make contacts. Take this opportunity to freshen up your Linkedin profile and connect with others. Most of us are in the same boat at present, online working form home, maybe the barriers to connecting are lower and people have time on their hands to reply.

At the same time, it can make your business less unsociable, so try attending networking events, working face to face (once all this is over!), and responding and reacting to your email and social media comments rather than locking yourself away. It’s good for your profile, and it’s even better for your business…


Ensure your work environment is right

One of the biggest challenges to working from home is creating the right working environment. If you have the space to add a desk, decent office chair a good light you are off to a good start. If you have no choice but to work on the kitchen table, ensure you modify the lighting. Take regular breaks and have a walk around your living space.  To create warmth and a softer environment add a plant and maybe an invigorating air freshener or scented candle.  It can also be helpful to have photographs with faces around you to reduce the sense of loneliness.

Pack it up

At the end of the working day; close your office door, clear off the kitchen table, and walk away. One of the biggest issues there is with home workers is the blurring of boundaries between home and work – and overworking. Creating a schedule can help; why not finish your work, have that walk and then once come home, shower and change your clothing. Work over!