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5 tips to help prevent road rage

Anger has a habit of taking over. We don’t act as we would under the influence of anger and sometimes that can have dangerous consequences. It’s a common occurrence of a driver’s journey; people will cut you up, not signal, park badly and so on and so on. It’s annoying sure, but it’s important to not let that anger affect the way you drive. Here are the best tips to avoid driving as if everyone is out to get you and just enjoy the drive.

1.    Make a pit stop.
A break from driving can give you a chance to take that much needed 5 minute break from concentrating on the road. By pulling over for only 5 minutes, it’ll give your brain a chance to catch up with your emotions and help you to reduce any anger you feel and stop that road rage!
2.   Call a friend.
It is important to only use your phone when it is convenient and safe for you to do so. This can be when you have a break from driving or have pulled into a service station. Fiends are there to listen, even if it’s only a 2 minute rant about how annoying drivers are its much better to get it off your chest and not let it build in your mind. You never know, they could be dealing with road rage too.


angry man in car with road rage

Do you suffer from road rage?

3. Take a deep breath.
As cheesy as it sounds by concentrating on rhythmic breathing you are able to focus your mind elsewhere and give your body calming affects also. Try training yourself to do this as soon as another driver does something that would normally anger you.  It will then become a natural reaction and will help you in the long run with any anger issues or road rage you may face.
4.   Change the radio station/sing your favourite song.
This again is a really good way of taking your mind off any angry situation you’ve been in that day. Especially during rush hour, by singing along to your favourite song you can move along through rush hour without even thinking about it. It’s a case of mind over matter.

5.    Smile.
When all is said and done a good smile is the most effective way of helping you with any bad mood. Smiling releases endorphins which are the bodies’ way of giving you a pick up. Smiling also can trigger happy thoughts and help to lift your mind of any problems you may be having with road rage.