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5 Things customers do that make retail staff mad

5 Things customers do that make retail staff mad

Wind us up and make us mad by leaving the place in a mess
Sure, places with table service, you’re not expected to clear up after yourself. As a customer however, picking something up and then deciding you don’t want it does not mean you should just drop it where ever you’re standing. Think about how you would feel if someone were to come in and trash your office for no reason other than a personal whim. Countless hours spent stocking up and arranging only for someone to come along and derail your whole afternoons work.  It’s the same with spills; if you tell someone they will come and help you clean it up. Trying to hide the spill or not telling anyone at all is not only annoying but pretty stupid too. Someone could hurt themselves.

Make us mad by having no manners
Its common courtesy to thank someone for they service they have just provided. Just like when asking for service it’s appropriate to say please. If you’re helpful and polite then often your order will be with you in less than 3 minutes. However, when somebody rude crosses a sales assistants path it’s only fair they should feel the wrath of a long wait and a wrong order. How else will they learn?

woman on phone

Don’t be on your phone and buying something!

Talking on the phone at the till drives us crazy
You’ve been queuing for a while, talking to someone on the phone to pass the time. Someone calls next. Then would be the appropriate time to make your excuses and ring back later. Instead many rude individuals feel it’s totally acceptable to stay on the phone and bark their order at you. Shooting you filthy looks for daring to interrupt their conversation with questions about their order.

Having a bad attitude makes us mad
At least once a day you’ll come across someone who’s having a bad day or not particularly in a good mood. When this happens, generally you as a customer service rep will be able to cheer them up. A few words of sympathy or even a freebie will do the trick. However there are some people who refuse to be cheered. They’re also normally the complainers. The most ridiculous complaint I have experienced so far was a week inside a new job. The customer felt he could ‘tell I was new and inexperienced’. Of course I was, I was new. *Facepalm*.

1.    Customers who think they know more than you
This is pretty specific in my opinion to food and coffee places. Working in a coffee place can be fun, making drinks all pretty and perfect can give you a real sense of satisfaction. Next there is a customer with an order that makes you want to cry. Something such as; ‘1 dry extra hot skinny cap with extra foam on the side and naked and a regular extra shot hot extra wet latte for in, the other for out’. Queue 5 drinks that aren’t right or ‘not what I asked for’ all wasted because someone believes they know more than the person paid to make tons of coffee a day.

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