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4 Celebrities that wish they hadn’t lost their temper

Justin Bieber- For a teen boy, Bieber has a lot of temper tantrums and anger. The paparazzi follow his every move and there’s been a few hissy fits in the struggle for his privacy. This includes an attempted attack on a London photographer who heckled Bieber when leaving his hotel. More recently Bieber has been in trouble for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to rough up photographer Jeffrey Binion. According to Binion, he was pushed into the car park of an L.A club, beaten and then ran at by Bieber in his Ferrari.

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Angry celebrities make me mad

Chris Brown already famous for physical abuse to long term girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown has already proven himself to be one angry individual. Last year saw his notorious fight with rapper Drake in a nightclub. The brawl left vast amount of damages and ended with 5 people being treated for injury.
Britney Spears

We all know Britney Spears has had a lot to deal with, kid stars often do. Growing up in the eye of the media, with every decision scrutinized and documented. It’s a hard slog. Britney, however have not perfected the best technique for handling all this attention. Instead lashings of violence and outbursts have been more her style. There has been countless accusations of attacks and broken equipment over the years culminating in the infamous umbrella attack in 2007.Brandishing an umbrella Britney attacked a photographer and the car he was in. This during Britney’s bald phase, she begged for freedom and privacy.
Christian Bale

When it comes to hissy fits, no one does it better than Christian Bale. Bale revealed himself to be a true diva after a tape leaked of him coming to blows with technical support on the set of Terminator Salvation. Having accidentally wondered on screen during filming, a whole torrent of abuse and anger was unleashed on unsuspecting tech support. According to crew members Bale remained angry even after the director’s insistence for peace.

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