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3 Angry Tweets you will live to regret

‘The angry work tweet’
It’s easy to think that social media platforms like twitter or Facebook are just there for personal use. A rant about something bothering you or an angry quip about a situation you’re dealing with. However, it doesn’t work that way. The first thing a potential employer will do is check out your name on Google. See what your internet presence is like, because then they get to see the real you and when you do get hired, the boss will add you; they’re following every tweet you write.  Often your contract will have a specific section that states ‘no online mention of their company’ so as soon as you mouth off on twitter, you’re fired!
‘The angry threatening tweet’
If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s to be careful on twitter. Take for example Paul Chambers who sent the infamous ‘I’ll blow this airport sky high’ tweet, resulting in an arrest and a lengthy court battle. Anything even slightly considered as a threat to the government or in the U.S state security and you can kiss freedom goodbye. The government have cracked down over the last few years introducing new laws to keep up with the fast moving technology.  If you’re not careful you’ll be caught out.
‘The fan wars anger tweet’
This generation is online obsessed. YouTube,, twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Keek, they’ve got them all. So it’s not surprising that they can whip up a twitter storm straight out of nightmares. Within the space of one tweet you can go from relatively unknown to the most hated person on the twitter sphere. Mess with someone like one direction or Lady GaGa and you’ll definitely feel the wrath. Tweets sent out of anger for a bad cover of your favourite song can end up in death threats, fan girls hurling abuse and hate campaigns.

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