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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Bad Time Management? Tearing your hair out?

Do you constantly spend your day trying to find things you put down just minutes ago? Believe me this was my day, every day… I’ll never forget those days. It was like being caught in a complete tailspin of time management hell. I began to believe in the child’s story ‘The Borrowers’ almost convinced that […]

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Anger Management Tips: In the picture?

Is it a candlestick or is it two faces? Often what we see is not what is really there, and this is an important thing to learn when dealing with your anger. Whether you see just the candlestick or you just see the faces, you are both wrong and right- so don’t feel your anger. […]

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Anger Management Strategies

  Does your Anger limit your opportunities in life and get in the way of what you really want to achieve?   The quick guide below gives Ten Tips and suggestions to help you get your anger management back in line. 1. Recognise the triggers that really get you going. Who do you know who deliberately […]

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Communication: Feeling like a mushroom?

If you have a boss that keeps you in the dark and feeds you manure (polite version) then they might need communication skills training at work. I first came across a version of the mushroom saying nearly 20 years ago but it’s as true today as it was back then. Too many organisations are missing […]

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Coping with Rage. Anger Management Tips

Welcome to the second part of anger tips and techniques. This week we focus on rage. Rage is an extreme type of Anger noted for its ferocity and speed of reaction. If you want to manage your anger, then suffering from rage is often the hardest of all to understand. The ferocity of rage scares […]

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Anger Management Techniques Part One

If you have anger management problems or lose your temper easily then these anger tips will help. In the spotlight- this week we look at how to deal with ‘the wind up merchant’ Top Tips to help you Start Managing your Anger ***GET MORE FREE TIPS BY SIGNING UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER ON THE HOME […]

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