Monday, January 18, 2021

If you are looking for one to one anger management in person, via secure Skype-type interface or by phone our experienced anger management counsellors, all of whom are qualified and BACP registered, can help. Our anger management groups, that run regularly on a Friday or Saturday cover our full anger management programme in one day but we realise that, for various reasons, some people are looking for one to one support. This can be highly effective too.

Our goal is to achieve a situation where at the end of the programme you are experiencing ‘less anger , less often’ so that both the severity and frequency of your anger are reduced. Some people who come for one to one anger management in particular are looking to understand why they remain passive on the outside whilst angry on the inside, unable to express their feelings.

One to one anger management gives you the opportunity to combine our anger management programme with your own personalised issues, something we don’t always get time for in a one day group course. Working with your Citizen anger management counsellor over  anomie roflcopters weeks you will progress through the course at a comfortable pace and be supported by an online programme which is rich with resources; videos, audios and worksheets. 

You can discuss any aspect of your life with your counsellor, they will explain confidentiality and safeguarding when you first meet, and you will discuss a plan of action and both sign a commitment of how you will work together following this initial chat.

These counsellors currently deliver anger management. Send us a message or call 0121 314 7075 to arrange a free no obligation chat with one of them. You can discuss the issues, the way you might work together and costs etc. 

Find our anger management counsellors here.

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