Birmingham University

University of Birmingham


Citizen Coaching has a close relationship with Birmingham University;

Fellow Partners in the Use-It Project 

We will use the social, cultural and educational micro and macro assets already present in individuals and communities.  Local government, the health service and universities will work with neighbourhoods to capture their aspirations and social and support networks.

Placement provider for work experience 

Every year Citizen works with the University to give students the opportunity to work in a busy social enterprise with a focus on working in an innovative way to provide mental health services in Birmingham and Dudley. 

Provider of counselling services. 

Through our relationship with forward Thinking Birmingham and Living Well UK Birmingham University students can access counselling at our centres. 

What services were provided?

On the Use-It project we provide support to a fledgling social enterprise network, the SOHO SE Network and various workshops, coaching and mentoring opportunities ties for entrepreneurs involved in the programme. 

Our placement opportunities are typically 20-40 hours worth of supervised project work that is pre agreed with the University. 

Our qualified, experienced counsellors provide counselling to students as part of the programme offered by Forward Thinking Birmingham and Living Well UK

What were the outcomes?

The Use-It project is enabling economic engagement and regeneration in Birmingham SOHO, Smethwick, Ladywood and WInson Green areas

Our placement students have engaged in placements as varied as social impact reporting, marketing strategy and counselling experience.

How could the this project be applied to me or my organisation?

We’re always keen to support budding social entrepreneurs through sharing our experience and we really value the placement students who work with us. We never have enough placements for everyone who applies but will seek to add additional capacity where we can