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Quick Tips To Tackle Anger

Why do we get angry?  A simple answer to this question would make life so much easier.  There can be few things more damaging that a sudden explosion of anger, no matter what the context.  At work an angry outburst can have disastrous consequences including a quiet word from the boss, a loss of personal respect from the team, even the loss of a job.  If the work is in a public place there is the added problem of adverse publicity. Recent behaviour at  Premiership football games highlighted the intense pressure that an open outburst of anger can have on someone in the public eye.

Anger rarely arises out of thin air, it could be the result of a something someone feels has happened to them: a criticism (whether warranted or not), a frustrating episode, some unwarranted interference, something which echoes an unpleasant experience in the past – this list could go on and on.  Anger is triggered when something or someone touches an already sensitive nerve.  Anger usually carries with it a loss of control which might show itself in words or in actions, and either display of feeling is in danger of generating equally angry responses – anger can infectious.

When a football player is faced with an opportunity to score, the pressure is huge and if the player feels that the moment is slipping away from them, anger can take over. For a split second we may do something completely out of character. Luis Suárez, biting his opponent at that now infamous game  is reminiscent of a child’s action when they cannot control a situation. Anger is inside all of us, deep inside, the secret is how do we control it and stop it coming to the surface.

Luis Suárez, is not alone in regretting an episode of anger, people from all walks of life have angry outburst and regret the consequences: loss of relationship, sacked from their job, denied  access to their children or even receiving  a criminal conviction. Anger costs, and not just money, the human cost is always greater.

Start to tackle  your anger today:

– Do more exercise

– Avoid alcohol and energy drinks as they can suppress the ability to deal with stress.

– Learn how to pause what you’re doing and avoid that urge to get satisfaction in the moment and lash out – think about the consequences.

– It may sound silly, but you can count to 10, although most of us don’t need that long.

If you want to get to the root of your anger, tackle it and learn how to control it there is help available.  As a leading provider of Anger Management courses, we deliver group sessions across the UK with dates in Birmingham, London and Newcastle available to book now; additional dates available in Glasgow, Bristol and Liverpool soon. Our Executive one to one anger management courses are also available.

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