The term addictive behaviours refers to a behaviour that is both rewarding and reinforcing; in others words there is a vicious circle where the more one behaves in this addictive way, the more the feeling of compulsion to do so continues. With all addiction there is a short-lived buzz, often followed by guilt and longer term impact on physical, mental, social and financial well-being.

Addiction to alcohol and drugs are well known and there are many local services that receive funding to support those in recovery from their addictions.

Support for gambling, sex addiction and porn (pornography), gaming, shopping and tattoo behavioural addictions are not as easily found.

Example: The impact of porn addiction, the excessive watching, reading or viewing orographic materials often leads to shame, depression, loss of intimacy with others, loss of job and status as well as financial implications. People often don’t understand the impact that addictive behaviours have on people, maybe even considering the person immature or self-indulgent. This is not the case, the person often needs to seek support before their addictive behaviour takes over their life and affects their own well-being and that of those around them.

The team at Citizen Counselling can provide one to one support in person, from our Counselling Centres in central Birmingham and Jewellery Quarter or via secure phone or video link. We use a secure web based service similar and as easy to use as Skype but with additional security and encryption features.

What are addictive behaviours ?

The term addictive behaviours refers to a behaviour that is both rewarding and reinforcing

What addictive behaviours are common?

Gambling addiction, porn addiction, sex addiction, shopping addiction, gaming addiction, image and plastic surgery addiction, internet addiction, food addiction and work addiction

What are the symptoms of addictive behaviours?

Often obsessing about the addiction, people with these behavioural addictions spend most of their time planning, experiencing or recovering from the addictive behaviour. It literally can take over peoples lives to the detriment of peoples physical, social, mental and financial well-being

Is there a test to see if I have addictive behaviours?

If you find yourself obsessing over the addiction, even planning it, seek support from a counsellor or your doctor

How can addictive behaviour be treated?

Specially trained counsellors often work with a support and abstinence model with clients.

What can Citizen do to help with depression?

As part of our team of 30 counsellors we have a number of addiction specialists who can help. The hardest thing is for people to make the first call- once that’s out of the way help is at hand.

Who can I talk to if I feel like self-harming or acting on suicidal thoughts?

Citizen isn’t a crisis service but the following services may be able to help.

Samaritans – 116 123
CALM men’s helpline – 0800 58 58 58
Papyrus Hopeline – preventing young suicide 0800 068 41 41
GAMCARE – gambling addiction 0808 8020 133

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You may also get help form your GP

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