7 Ways You Are Wasting Time and How To Stop

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               7 Ways You Are Wasting Time and How To Stop.

There are many different ways that people waste time. Some are quite evident, while others are hidden and unthought of. We will look at 7-time wasters and how to bring them to a halt

  1. Let’s get one of the more bizarre time wasters out of the way. This might gross some people out, but it has to be said. “We waste a lot of time in the bathroom.” There are some health professionals that state we should be having a bowel movement after each of the three meals a day. They believe that our health is not at peak state if we are only eliminating once a day. Now there are a lot of people who spend time in the bathroom watching silly YouTube videos or scrolling meme’s one after another. It can be very addictive. Use that time for return emails for example. Have a laugh while dealing with a customer complaint, because they have no idea where you are sitting.


  1. Are you the type to complain? If the dry cleaner keeps messing up your shirts, do you keep going back and fighting with them? Complaining is a time waster if it more than a minute. If your issue cannot be solved quickly, move on. Find a new dry cleaner who is proficient. Think about being stuck in traffic and complaining about it while losing time. Instead of getting mad, think about how you can create a positive action out this. Can you leave earlier in the day? Are you looking at and planning your route to avoid the cities constant road repairs? Take a moment and look at the various ways you complain about stuff and how you can turn that time in an action that is positive.
  2. Learn how to let go. We waste a lot of time trying to accomplish certain tasks and get upset that things are not working. This can be lost hours that could be put somewhere else. It is great to try a certain project, however, there comes a certain point where you have to step back and look at the money and time spent. Is it worth it? Does this project really look like it will ever get off the ground? If the answer is no, drop it and cut your losses. While it may be hard, the same thing applies to personal relationships. You can never fully understand another person no matter how hard you try. There comes a time when you have to look at a relationship and realize it is hurting you and no matter what you try, it will never be where you need it to be. It may be time to move on and take back your life and time.

4. We all want to be successful and happy. It is in our nature to be this way. We set goals and work hard to achieve them. Sometimes we just get carried away and set impossible goals for ourselves. It’s like being a high jumper and wanting to clear a bar that is set at pole vault height. Step back and re-adjust those goals to make them achievable. We gain hours back when we have goals that are difficult but definitely reachable, rather than struggling in the mud.

  1. Time for a checkup. Mentally review a typical workday. Now ask yourself, who gossips the most in the office? If your face starts to turn red, then we know the answer. Office gossip is a major time waster in itself. You can double that when the gossip you indulged in, turns into a fight. People really do not like being talked about. Turn yourself around and become a beacon of positivity. You will feel better about yourself, stop wasting time and be more productive.
  2. Take a look at your desk. Are you pile happy? Many people waste time by endless piling papers, large envelopes and files on top of each other. By not putting stuff away as soon as you are done with it, you waste time sifting through piles looking for a certain letter. The same thing can be done at home to gain time. When you do not follow the idea that everything has a place, then you waste time. Ask yourself, is your watch, your journal, your water bottle and other daily items, always put in the right place after use? Start doing this today and you will not spend wasted time searching for that watch that goes perfectly with your blue suit/dress.
  3. Another huge time waster is updating social media with vanity posts and such. While everyone knows you are wonderful to look at, they really don’t need to see five selfies a day. How often are you posting what you ate or where you shopped earlier on your lunch? This is really valuable time during a work week that you can get back. Only do social media posting during the workday that has significant weight to it. For example, if posting a photo to Instagram about a new product release might bring you a ton of sales…take a moment and do it. Leave the photo of your new running shoes until the weekend.

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